Tuesday, December 8, 2015

nsight by Damaris
the oracles came with a lovely reminder on the topic of acknowledging personal
cycles as well as being aware of their expiration dates.
The first Oracle Pluto, addresses death, re creation and transformation as a TOOL rather
than a situation or an emotion.
It is here, we are reminded of the power of rebirth and the connection to our soul purpose.
The more we understand that we shed and rest only to begin anew, the more we
connect with our goals and other experiences that seem blocked or unattainable.
Oracle Yena ask, "how can we wear the crowns from our initiations if we are not willing
to transform?" She ask, "how long will you be the victimized son or daughter, wife or husband?"
How can you step into your next role if you are unwilling to release an out-dated position?
Oracle Lotus reminds us that growing pains do not have to be painful when we accept that evolution
came with the first breath and shall always be.
In one life-time, we can be the victim, the healer, the teacher, the aggressor, the cheat, the honorable, the loyal, the oppressor, the activist, the depressed,
the forgiven, the mother, the daughter, the father, the son, the care-taker, the ungrateful, the destroyer, the giver of life,
the needy, the enlightened, the enforcer, the protector and so on.
In summary, this week is an excellent week to acknowledge what should be released as well as looking into what our next position should be.
Here are a few things to ponder-
* Is my loyalty to another out-dated or misplaced
* should I remain at this job for security, or should I do what I love
* is it okay to carry disappointment from a violation that happened 15 years ago-am I that same person now, that I was then
* is it okay for me to love again, or shall I remain embarrassed about my divorce
* when is it okay for me to transform, or should I be who people think I am
* am I living inside of a box
* am I living intentionally 
Make it an amazing week!
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