Saturday, October 3, 2015

Insight by Damaris for week ending 10/10/15
Greetings, this insight for the week is pretty straight forward yet gives us some things to ponder on.

This week's reading suggest that we connect with our wisdom and spirit guides to assist us when making decisions rather intimate or in our business world.
We are asked to connect so that we may see the full scope of our lives and the progress we made thus far.
The reading says if we see the bigger picture, we can feel more confident in our decision making and actions.
The reading ask, "are you afraid to move ahead in life because of victimization from the past"?
Basically we are asked to look at our productivity and how it relates to feeling victimized.
The reading suggest that society will keep us as victims rather than doers.
I looked deeper into the reading and the Oracle says that once we view our lives through wisdom and through the eyes of our spiritual team, we will see that the path of victimization is really the path of a warrior.
This week, ask your higher self:
what spiritual and mental tools did I gain during challenging times?
how will I use these tools on my current path?
what does my life mean to me?
how can I share my victories with others to make my tools expand?
was I really a victim or a warrior in training?
Make it an amazing week!!

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