Monday, October 26, 2015

Insight by Damaris for week ending 10/31
This week is a good time for reflection and investigation.
The reading is asking us to consider all the twist and turns of our lives
as a way to consciously come together with our inner self
rather than reject or criticize ourselves.
The Oracle says that if we learn to communicate with our own hearts and minds,
we are able to make adjustments, and "fix" our challenges.
The reading ask, are we a player in our own mis-fortune, or are we
welcoming self-mastery and evolution?
It is suggested that before the end of this week, we look at those in our families
who have been influences in our lives ( good or otherwise) and dissect these
impressions if they are embedded in our psyches.
If we know in our hearts who we actually are, the reading says we can
begin to create from our conscious mind effectively.
Are you consciously creating the proper layers and foundation of your own life?
Or are you comfortable being controlled by an invisible puppet-master?
Side note* for those who enjoy bread, cheese, excessive alcohol and empty sex (sex with a vampire, abuser etc), lay
off this week during your times of reflection and may want to
give up on those things completely if you realize they are hindering progress.
Make it an amazing week!
1♥ family!

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