Monday, November 30, 2015

Insight by Damaris

This week , we have messages from a three card Oracle Spread:

Connecting with your ancestors and or doing things in the way your lineage have done things
brings about harmony and security within your environment. 
For an example, if your family "canned" or made preserves (back in the day), now would be a great
time to implement that energy.
Imagine what it would be like gathering the family together to make plans 
to conserve or to update and or clean out the storage area in your home.
The children may enjoy or NEED family time as well as be reminded of their history, AND
restocking the pantry may come in handy on stormy nights ahead.
The Oracles say that there is magic when one reconnects with their roots.
What is odd about the reading is that it's not about being proud of your bloodline, rather it
is about connectivity. 
When one feels connected, energy levels go up and optimism is highlighted.
For single parents who have rebellious children going through a difficult era, sitting them down
and sharing their past with them can only improve their attitudes.
What if a child who curses and is rambunctious in the household hears about a legendary
family member who was an activist? Could that be the perfect time to guide the child into 
using that passionate energy toward something that really mattered?
This week, the ways of old could make your current and future scenario harmonious.
Also paying homage to your ancestors by the way of gifts, food and drinks helps to improve a disruptive 

Make it an amazing week!

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