Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Insight by Damaris

Insight by Damaris for week ending 11/28
I did a 3 card spread from the "Mythical Goddess Tarot" deck and a collective aura body scan and here is the translation.
Returning to the authenticity of the heart and soul lightens any troubled 
situation-those brought on by self-sabotage as well as delusional thinking.
Looking deeper into the reading, it says that this week is a great time to
create a "reality" vision board or game plan that will bring us back "in touch"
with our goals and our original passion for life.
The Oracle says that a dominating force enhanced by the moon may generate strange cravings and the cravings depend on how well you have been treating yourself within your environment.
Here are a list of cravings that you may or may not want to give into:
-random sex
-random arguments
-dark movies/porn
One the brighter side of things:
-random acts of thankfulness and kindness
-love making
-wanting to reconcile (this may be for you or against you)
If we view the larger picture, we are collectively at this phase in our lives to
learn the lessons that stem from old psychological and physical traumas.
It's time to go deeper within our conscious mind and conjure up the God within so that we may continue to evolve gracefully while removing the veil of illusion.
On a personal note, this can be an emotional time for many and is why I decided to offer a special.

"10 day Turn-Up!" 

Begins: when you contact me
Pocket: $50.
Package: phone Aura and Body Scan reading that will give instructions
for your 10 day Turn Up regime, one energy clearing via phone.
Duration: 30min.
Why "Turn-Up"? Because this will assist with over-coming obstacles that can be enhanced during the holidays if nothing is done.
It's the perfect boost and it's the perfect time to shine.
If interested, inbox me.
Make it an amazing week! remain Optimistic!

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